NatureSolv, the Environmentally Responsible Carbonless Capsule.
Proudly Manufactured by Glatfelter
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Introducing Marketing That Works

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Introducing Marketing That WORKS!

Marketing That WORKS is a FREE web-based marketing tool designed to help you
reach your customers and prospects quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Glatfelter is
providing an efficient, online, tool for co-branded marketing pieces to help you better
educate your customer about Glatfelter and your other product offerings.

Several static items are available at the website, including product brochures,
magnets, and labels for your cartons/ream wraps/ and bid packets. Additionally,
there are direct mail pieces and flyers you can PERSONALIZE with your company
information and logo. The best part is all items are available to you at no charge.*

*All items are available at no charge with the exception of shipping to more than one location. If you choose to have Prograde print and mail direct mail items
or if you purchase a mail list, you are responsible for associated charges. More information is available in the demo and user guide.

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